B L K | P R V

S E R V I C E S |

R E N D E R E D .

D E S I G N E R S.

Your unusal famliy dynamic; that works.

We are the Selassies; yes, descendants of Haile Selassie I.

Our designers are all in-home :

Yah Yah

Yah Yah S.

CEO & Founder

Yah Yah "Ma'at" S. the founder of the B L K | Privilege Company. The Co. was founded on Ma'ats' prinicples.


Ras S.

Creative | Director

Ras S. has over half a decade of education in modern-day African history; with concentration in Metaphyscial teachings.


Yahhaile S.

Creative | Designer

Yahhaile S. a multi-media software specialist; with a three year concentration in Adobe Illustrator & After Effects.

P R I C I N G.

Our prices are based off the client's budget.

C O N T A C T.

Hit us up; We love meeting new people!

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