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People are lost. People are mad.
What is the problem? What is the cause?
We all look up, we all look down.
We even tend to look around.

Hence, to know the reason behind all the madness? You must first not “look up, or down, or even around but within”. Yes, the old saying, ‘Look in the mirror’ is the key to ridding of all the madness. And this is the problem: We as individuals refuse to look within; and the cause equates from several different factors but the major factor seems to be from many of us having too many mundane issues, that have overflowed and flooded our minds. As our mental capacities’ have repeatedly been pushed pass it’s limit, it has placed us in this survival mode of “Fight or Flight”. We have been in this mode so long that it’s becomes second nature, and also detrimental to the equilibrium of the mind because it suppresses our ability to complete the simple action of looking within.

In addition, we are filled with so many different opinions from different forms of media daily. Media is everywhere. It gets to a point where it is like: “What do I do? I cannot think it’s like everyone is thinking for me WHYYYYYYYY!??” Life is not about living vicariously or sitting and watching it pass you by. Life is about freedom. Thinking, living, and reflecting are the sole purposes of life. Thus, it is a must that we take our lives back and begin to live! You may now be thinking, “What is the secret to rising above the mundane and worldly issues of our day-to-day lives, and living life? How do I look within?” We have many solutions that we can act on together to make a dent in the system, and begin to take our freedom back but to start, a simple puff will do.


There is a loud gasp. The room is now silent, some have even left the room. “What is he talking about? Someone must stop him is he saying cannabis is the way out!” the woman stated. Well yes and no, life is what we make it, we are not ones for “getting out of it” but from a metaphysical standpoint. Yes, you will be able to dissolve the boundaries and find your ‘way out’. In other words, you will have time to think, live, and reflect (or look within) and make clear decisions on what is and is not of importance. “How are you so sure and what makes your claims so true?” someone asked. Nothing. Absolutely nothing, we all are free to think and listen to what we may; but nonetheless, there is simply nothing to lose by just listening. Thus, you may have made observations of your neighborhood “pot heads” and wondered, “how can something like this help me?” That answer will be clear at the conclusion of this reading; but understand this, just like when food is grown improperly (Genetically Modified), there are adverse effects to what the plant is biologically engineered to help. In other words, when cannabis is consumed improperly there will also be adverse effects, which may be the case of your local neighborhood “pot head”. They are simply doing it wrong.


Furthermore, we have located over a thousand benefits of the Cannabis Plant, which not only benefits the person using but everyone around them. Moreover, we will now offer a few historical facts of this plant and the imprint it has made through the ages. Cannabis sativa appears naturally in many tropical and humid parts of the world. It’s been documented by archaeological findings of prehistoric societies in Africa and Eurasia as a mind-altering medicine. The oldest account we have of it is in Ethiopia, Africa in the 14th century (only by record). Originally our tribes did not smoke the plant they only chewed the leaf, soon thereafter they were able to learn the art of smoking which grew the traditions and the knowledge of the true universe. The Africans then began to use the plant in rituals and ceremonies. It was even said by a doctor from the University of Cape Town that Cannabis was in use many years before the Europeans settled and was smoked by all the non-European races. Cannabis in some parts of Africa was also, worshipped as a God. The word originated from the Hebrew language (Aramaic or Ge'ez) as “Kanbos” (pronounced Qeneh Bosem) which is derived from Sumerian’s Kunibu which translates to “aromatic reed”.

Moreover, the benefits of Cannabis in the medical, industrial, and ancient religious practices range from a variety of things. In the medical industry, the benefits are almost infinite and so extensive that it would be difficult to list all of them here, but a few of the health issues healed by cannabis include: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Menstrual Cramps, Chronic Pain, and Muscle Spasms. Cannabis is also used to reduce nausea and vomiting during Chemotherapy. In addition, the Hemp Plant which is derived from the Cannabis Plant has also been used for its health benefits. It has been used as a healthy alternative to milk, cheese, and several other dishes that are plant-based. The hemp plant can also make topical ointment which is used for pain relief.

Next, the abundance of industrial benefits the Cannabis Plant offers: One of the main uses in previous history is the creation of hemp fabric, which is created from the cannabis satvia and indica species. The Hemp fabric is stronger and longer-lasting than Cotton. The use of Cannabis in the different industrial industries is valuable in over tens of thousands of commercial products. Besides the military-grade fabric produced using Cannabis, it also creates fibers ranging from paper, cordage, construction material, and general textile which includes clothing.


As for the religions associated with Cannabis there are a vast number of practices in all parts of the world. In the Hindu’s Vedas between 2000 and 1400 BCE, they considered the cannabis plant as “the food of the Gods”, it is also used in the Hindu festival called, “Holi”. Cannabis was also used in ancient KMT theology where the plant was utilized as a symbol of wisdom and writing; it is worn by the goddess, Seshat. In the Rastafarian tradition, it is held as the Holy Sacrament and considered the Tree of Life. In ancient Germanic culture, Cannabis was associated with the Norse love goddess, Freya. Also, the anointing oil mentioned in the Holy Bible’s Exodus is, by some translators, said to contain Cannabis. Exodus 30:22-24 – Moreover the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying, Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweet calamus (Cannabis) two hundred and fifty shekels, and of Cassia five hundred shekels, after the shekel of the Sanctuary, and of oil olive … (KJV,1611). In addition, as previously stated, when food is genetically modified, there are adverse effects to what the plant is biologically engineered to help. And In Genesis 1:29 – “… [the Most High] said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” In other words, grow your own food source and if not possible, ensure that it is “bearing seeds”. Next, time you roll up be happy to see those seeds. As that is the first indicator that lets you know you’re doing it right.


Lastly, Cannabis through the ages: The modern use of Cannabis in America surprisingly is used mostly by the Vietnam war veterans, to aid with their PTSD, Depression, and the abundance of other ailments suffered during the war. Most would think it’s mostly used by young “urban” adults and teens but the 60’s is the era that really lifted Cannabis off the ground again. The 70’s is widely known for two great events the Era of the Hippies and the Era of BLK leaders asserting our privilege. This was the age of a numerous amount of great BLKs standing up for our equality and rights. We had musicians from the likes of Nina Simone to Jimmy Hendrix to Chuck Berry. We had all forms of entertainment at our grips even in Hollywood, we had our own brand of movies called, Blaxploitation which had strong black figures going against the system. So you wonder “What caused this sudden outburst of energy?” Well, after tragedies on free standing and self-sufficient communities like the BLK Wall Street in Greenwood-Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Rosewood Massacre, and several other terrorist attacks by envious aristocrats. We were done feeling bad for ourselves and we fought! As previously stated, there were basically two great eras that both coincided with the 70’s. The Hippie Era and Era of BLK. Hence, in our opinion the whole 70’s era should be called the BLK Era. As we were able to reconnect with an ancient plant which opened many doors for us to start having new questions and conversations, we became less worried about the government and more concerned for each other. And this was evident in the rise of the Hippie movement and many other BLK leaders fighting for our rights which changed America as we know it. This major effect was then followed by laws and prosecution for free thinkers, this was also followed up by the “Crack Era” which was a way to stunt the rise of the Messiah. Furthermore, you may now be thinking, ‘Okay he is on to something good’. Well, remain engaged and read carefully.


Cannabis has made its imprint through the ages. This plant has been here since the beginning of time it’s healing properties, the religious practices associated with it, and the impact it has had on our history allows for people to believe in it. It’s risen individuals above worldly issues. It has activated the pineal gland to allow individuals to look within. It has saved lives and helped a countless amount of people. Cannabis is the renowned plant and if you attain this plant bearing seed, seeking to retain further understanding, you will be able to properly meditate on all your hidden truths, regain control and equilibrium of one’s mind, and be able to apply yourself in a new and profound way. Finally, you will begin to feel the subtle energies of the earth and this is when you will know, you are doing it right. Peace & Evolve.

Source: We are the Source.


Disclaimer: We are not “professionals” of any sort. We are simply qualified junkies of knowledge. We are here to deliver a clear & concise message; offering solutions to the trials of the BLK Society. Past judgement, if you deem it necessary. Peace & Evolve.